Care about your BALD.

All our shoes are made with extra attention to it. We are obsessed with details, quality and design. We can give you all the tools for a great shoe experience but we need you to love the product and take care of it.

Our shoes are made of leather and are handmade in Portugal.

To know that leather is of good quality, best is to use your senses – smell it and feel it.

Our shoes always have upper fabric, lining and insole in leather.

For outsole we are using leather out soles, leather out soles with injected rubber sole or tunit out sole.


Leather out soles: With leather out sole you can make your shoes last for a very long time, if you take care of them. When living in especially wet countries it is highly recommended to put on an extra rubber out sole to protect the leather. When you are adding a rubber out sole and that sole will get worn down, go to the shoemaker and add a new one. Then the leather out sole will be kept as good as new and your boots will last for a very long time.

Leather out soles with an injected rubber sole: These shoes have leather out sole with a thin rubber sole on top. The rubber sole acts as a protector to the leather sole but it is not as thick as the one you make at the shoemaker. When you see that the sole is a bit worn, take it to the shoemaker to add a rubber sole, and then your shoes will last for a very long time.

Tunit sole: A tunit sole gives the same look and feel as a leather outsole but acts as an alternative to a leather sole due to the fact that it is rubber. This does not need another layer of rubber but it also needs to be loved.

How do I take care of my BALD. Shoes?

Leather boots:

 1. If they are covered in dirt, how do I remove it the best? 

Clean them in warm water and leave them to dry. Clear dirt and mud from the sole with a bristle brush, a wet paper towel, or, in dire circumstances, a toothbrush. Clean. First, use warm water and a soft cloth to remove dirt, dust and grime. Pay particular attention to the tight places between the tongue and the upper, where dirt often collects. Allow to dry, then buff with a soft bristle brush. For hard-to-remove stains and dirt, rub in leather cleaner with the cloth, then buff with the bristle brush and remove with a damp cloth.

2. How do I make my boots shine again?

Use special boot cream, leather conditioner or leather oil.

Suede boots:

1. If they are covered in dirt, how do I remove it the best? 

When covered in dirt, use a suede brush to scrub away the stain or dirt but avoid using too much pressure. For stubborn stains, use a small amount of white vinegar and a clean cotton towel. Moisten the towel with the vinegar, and blot the stain without applying a lot of pressure to the area, to avoid spreading the mess. Repeat as necessary with clean sections of the towel until the stain is loosened and removed from the surface of the suede.

2. How do I polish my suede boots?

We recommend water and stain protector formulated specifically for suede. Water can be damaging to suede and eventually change the color and texture, but a protective spray will prevent this from happening. Before using the spray, ensure that the boot is clean. An optimal time to do this is right after purchasing or receiving the boots, before even wearing them once. This way, you will be prepared for the elements and do not have to worry about cleaning them beforehand. Spray the boot all over with the protective spray, ensuring that you cover the entire surface of the boot. You only need to lightly spray the boot; too much could affect the boot’s texture or color. The protective spray should prevent the boots from becoming ruined by water or snow. However, on days when it is especially rainy, it is best to avoid wearing the boots altogether. If they do get wet, let them dry naturally, away from any sources of heat. When they are dry, brush them well with a suede brush.

You do not polish suede’s! 

Patent leather boots:

1. If they are covered in dirt, how do I remove it the best? 

We recommend that you use a soft damp cloth and a drop of mild soap to remove dirt. A patent leather cleaner that contains silicone will return the high gloss.

We love our shoes so please take care of them.